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Since implementing our scholarship program, we have been working towards providing financial assistance to the most marginalized students who would not otherwise be able to further their education. Our program extends its hand to providing tuition fees, monthly allowance, transportation, and other education-related expenses our scholars need until they graduate - a long-term commitment that our foundation promises to keep. 

Aside from the provision mentioned above, our program also gives our scholars the opportunity to travel to designated major cities in the Philippines. We believe that our scholars need exposure outside the comfort of their barangay and city. This travel opportunity aims to inspire our scholars to aspire more for themselves, their family and their community as a whole.

Our program also promotes volunteerism and engages scholars in various community development projects while encouraging entrepreneurship and team spirit. Our scholarship students are self-motivated and eager to participate in virtually every opportunity we present. Almost everything we do is a new experience and opportunity for them, and they are happy to have meaningful social interaction with classmates while improving life in their communities.

Our program has expanded since its implementation in Calbayog City, Samar, where 80% of our scholars reside. In addition, we have students going to Cebu, Tacloban, and Manila. Our goal for the future is to reach more students across the country.


Our scholarship program was created as the first step into our attempt to break the cycle of poverty. Our scholarship program is a resounding success.



Assisting with education has been an integral part of the Starfish Foundation's mission. But, we know that the scholarship program and travel opportunities would not be enough to achieve our goal. The colleges might prepare our youth for their career, but nothing could prepare them to deal with the real world, especially when it comes to 

 personal finances. Our Financial Literacy Program aims to prepare our scholars to manage their finances. Our program encourages our scholars to save for the future, provides information regarding investments, and teaches them the value of understanding their finances.



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