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by Dommenic Malocloc

To foster kindness, we should show kindness in our actions. To teach others the virtue of respect, we should give them examples of respect. To unfold the idea of love, we should start helping other people. All of these bring immeasurable joy and reward no pot of gold can buy. 

As we face the gruesome upshot of COVID 19, it is greatly important that we start deflecting our lives to the best ways we can. And as a Filipino, I can give you three nouns to heal as one –kindness, respect, and love. 

Kindness. As the world plunges into darkness, it is essential that we start appreciating kindness. We should appreciate people checking up on us. We should appreciate encouraging and emphatic messages. We should appreciate those kind people who ask if we are okay. We should appreciate every single person who has tried to brighten up our days. After all, it is the little things that matter the most. 

Respect. Every individual was born to be respected. Nowadays, people seem to forget the value of it. Instead of treating others respectfully and politely, we tend to pull them back and put them to stay where they are. We become disrespectful. We disrespect people's opinions and sentiments. We disrespect the media. We disrespect those government officials who are trying their best in giving us help and support. We disrespect those frontliners who put themselves at risk. We disrespect the church. We disrespect our parents, siblings, mentors, relatives, friends, and even partners in lives. However, as we suffer from this biggest invisible enemy that we are facing at the moment, I do hope that people would realize how imperative respect is. Remember that to heal as one, respect is one of the ingredients we need most.

Love. This is the manifestation of the two. According to Thor Loberiano, an excellent student from Calbayog City National High School who is now studying in China, love is love. Love has no definite interpretation. It varies across a thousand eyes, mouths, minds, and feelings. Once we speak of love, we can define it in so many ways. May it be because of the looks, the attitude, the wits, or the kindness that we fall in love to. Indeed, love speaks multifarious meanings.  In the midst of this dreadful disease, it is well-timed and relevant to plant seeds of love. By planting seeds of love, we show to ourselves and to people the beauty of being alive. Also, we free ourselves from various encumbrances (burden, hate, ego, and arrogance).  If we all do what love's healing power says and dictates, we will heal as one. 

We are all trailblazers of our nation. Change starts within ourselves. As we start changing our ways, we should begin redirecting our paths to the things which will contribute significantly to our existence. For sure, if we all unite together and exude kindness, respect, and love, anything is plausible. 

With all being said, these virtues, if realized, would create a riffling effect that would benefit the entire humanity. Let us all be purposeful. And it is by being purposeful that we let kindness, respect, and love merge and flow like a stream.

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