The Importance of Mini Library in Small Communities

By: Arnold Dela Cruz :

Since 2009, I am already involved in the community where I live. I am part of an organization which was formerly known as Sinidman Oriental Youth Organization (SOYO) but currently renamed as Cagpongcohanon Youth Organization (CYO). Our primarily aim is to hone the children in our community to be God-fearing through catechism. However, we have also seen the need to enhance their reading and writing abilities. Hence, we dedicated our summer and leisure time to teach the children develop their basic skills. Every time when we were teaching, I have observed that we are lacking educational resources such as books, research materials and other related facilities. It is hard for us to continue our teachings without any references especially knowing that children learn even better through visual aid and the more they use their senses, the better the outcome. The children and youth are complaining about their home works, research and other school matters. “Kakuri kay kalako kwarta san pan-research pati pagparaphotocopy,” they whined. That was the time I started to dream of having a mini library which has books, computers and photocopier to provide their primary needs for their schooling. When I heard about Starfish Foundation for the Empowerment of Filipino Youth, my dream suddenly came into a reality. They have heard my sentiments and asked them if their “Peek-a-Book” Mini Library Project could be possibly build in our place. Fortunately, through Ms. Jonah Salcedo, we have created a Memorandum of Understanding for it to be realized!

How important is this Mini Library to our community? I am very thankful, blessed and happy about this project. It is a big help to our community; to the children to improve their reading skills; and boost their creative imagination; and to the Youths to help them in their school related works and enhance their social and communication skills for they will serve as tutors to the younger ones.

In addition, our barangay has no mobile signal nor internet access so this project is very appropriate to implement. One of my observations also is that the children nowadays are addicted to mobile games. I want to expose them to more relevant activities which will eventually develop them to become a productive citizens of our country.

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