Science, Technology and Arts EXPO 2019

The Science, Technology and Arts EXPO for the year 2019 was conducted at Northwest Samar State University, Main Campus Calbayog City on Monday to Wednesday,7thto 9thof January and it emulated the hope and aspirations of our children in becoming the geniuses of tomorrow.

Preparing this Science, Technology and Arts EXPO, a sponsored project of Starfish Foundation for the Empowerment of Filipino youth under Calbayog City National High School Alumni Association (CCNHSAA) is an excellent example of what education experts call active learning or enquiry. It is a very effective instructional method; indeed, it is recommended as a cornerstone of successful science teaching. The expo provides a platform to the student organizations to exhibit their inner talents and it strengthens the student’s knowledge of the subject matter and at the same time develops the skills of leadership, and relates how to work in groups through such events.

The expo was displayed in the Teacher Education building which enabled the different student organizations to display their interest and understanding of Science. Students and pupils coming from different schools visited the expo. They actively participated in the exhibition through its interactive activities. The organizations presented their investigation projects with the support of project display boards and other outputs. They displayed different scientific games and quizzes which exhibited their knowledge and interest in science. There are also Youth Volunteers from Manila who contributed to the success of Expo by sharing their timely and relevant original films which served as an eye-opener to the students.

The Dagaw Art organization showcased collage work, paintings and design. Deeply immersed in their own creative world, discussants described their works to the visitors under the guidance of the educational tour guides.

The expo was held to provide a platform for student organizations to display their knowledge, creativity, investigative skills and talent. "It also boosts their confidence when they get appreciation for their creative talent," said the Community Relations Director of Starfish Foundation, Ms. Jonah L. Salcedo.

In the fast-moving and technical world, students are more interested in experiential and interactive learning. The minds of students work faster than the jet planes. The curiosity level and enthusiasm to learn and dissect any knowledge are commendable. It is the aim of the Science, Technology and Arts EXPO to maintain this enthusiasm and give a positive direction to the curiosity of the students and help them dive deep into the ocean of learning. The expo was a wonderful tool that engages students in learning new facts and inventions with a zeal of interest.

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