The Starfish Foundation believes that through education we are preparing the youth for their future; but education is not enough to secure a bright future for them unless they learn how to personally manage their finances. As we pondered how to help secure their future, the Financial Literacy Program came into being.


The Financial Literacy Program aims to teach not only our scholars but every youth to learn basic financial management, promote and encourage the importance of saving, teach about investment and foster the idea of being in control of their own financial future.


The very first Financial Literacy seminar was held on October 22nd, 2018 at MondejaresPuertes Beach Resort, Calbayog City and attended by our scholars.


This seminar was headed by the resource speaker Mr. Henry “Sharky” Mancol and focused on the secret of saving with the theme “Harnessing the Youth towards Financial Success.” Mr. Mancol is a great motivator, owner of Une Silog (fastfood) and manager of Hemasuto Builders.


Mr. Mancol emphasized the importance of saving in building a great financial future, shared his knowledge and advised the youth on how to handle their money well.


“I am glad that an event like this was realized and spearheaded by youth, for it’s rarely taught in school. Financial programs like this would be very beneficial to the youth nowadays because it may help them improve their chances on achieving financial security,” Mr. Mancol said.