The Starfish Foundation strives to empower the youth through Collaboration Projects and a Volunteer Program.


Since 2017, the foundation has started collaborating with students and youth organizations by funding and sponsoring their outreach projects, events and seminars which align with the Starfish Foundation’s mission, “to empower, inspire and give hope.”


To date, the Starfish Foundation has been supporting and collaborating with two official NwSSU Student Organizations.


The Runaway Volunteers, also known as the “The Runaways”, is an organization of youth volunteers from Calbayog City aiming to strengthen the level of awareness, knowledge, and understanding of volunteerism towards nation building. 

They promote volunteerism through encouraging the youth to join outreach programs around the City known as "Nurture the Future." It is a mini-camp for children age seven to thirteen where through recreational activities, they teach moral lessons which the children can apply in their lives.


The Runaways organization believes that by engaging the youth in these activities, they give them a life-changing opportunity that teaches them lifelong lessons and develops their skills to enable them to express who they are and to help build a strong character. Above all, the Runaway Volunteers are youth advocates and Starfish supports all campaigns and programs for the welfare of the youth not just in our community but throughout the world.


PULSO is an organization accredited here at NwSSU. They are not only active in doing activities inside the school but also are participating in some activities held outside in the community. Inside the school, PULSO aims to help the students strive for academic excellence through conducting projects that develop the skills of the student including compassion for one another. 


In the community, they participate as  volunteers in different activities such as a clean-up drive outreach program in which they joined other volunteers to reach a far-flung barangay to teach children and add positive value to their lives. Also recently some PULSO members joined as volunteers to help send relief to the victims of typhoon Usman. 


They are hoping to accomplish a visit to all the barangay here at Calbayog to conduct outreach programs. And for sure this will happen because all members are willing to persevere and work without any compensation.


As of now, PULSO has 50 members including its officers.