Starfish Foundation's mission is to empower, inspire, and give hope to economically disadvantaged Filipino youth. From the Scholarship Program that provides educational assistance and Travel Experience to Collaborations and Outreach Programs led by the youth, the foundation still aims to do more to prepare the youth for the unknown future; thus Camp Giya: A Leadership Camp was born. 


"Giya" means to guide or lead in the Waray dialect. It also stands for Giving Intervention for Youth Advancement which is one of the objectives of Camp Giya. Given the numerous pressing social issues that are happening in our society today, the call for passionate, empathetic, committed and determined leaders is timely. Acknowledging the fact that youth are one of the major players in society, the camp aims to prepare the participants or campers to become agents of change while inculcating leadership, productivity, strength, endurance, camaraderie, and rapport with others.


Camp Giya is filled with activities and challenges which test the participant's leadership skills, promotes the importance of teamwork, and teaches personal responsibility.


On May 3Oth - 31st, 2018, The Starfish Foundation held its first Camp Giya. It was was attended by sixty-eight campers and more than twenty volunteer facilitators. The two-day camp carried the theme: "Youth Empowerment: In Advent for a New Era."

Camp Giya was such an outstanding success that we plan to do this every year.